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About Us

Welcome to Unifi Advisors!

Our Primary Purpose

This new firm is 33 years in the making. During my career I have watched the financial services industry evolve, going from information held in the hands of a few, with minimal options, to an almost unlimited choice of services and providers. There is an app or site for anything these days. Most of us deal with a confusing mess of multiple companies and services, never quite knowing if we chose the best option or if we're overpaying for what we get.

Unifi Advisors is looking to simplify your financial life by bringing it all together.

We will work with you to make these decisions and find the right products and services for your needs.

Client Centered

Analyzing what you have now, recommending changes and the providers that are the right balance of cost and service. This is financial planning that addresses today's needs and tomorrow's goals.

You can be confident that you are getting exactly what is necessary for your financial future.

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