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At our firm, we have the client—and only the client—in mind.

We look at client’s Unified financial condition, not just their insurance and investments like most financial service providers. We do all aspects of those important needs but go beyond just the numbers. We provide financial planning that includes not just your goals, but many more topics that impact your daily life and the risks often overlooked. We bring together financial services, debt, credit, and identity theft monitoring, as well as cybersecurity advice. We believe your online “digital self” is as important to a financial plan as any other aspect and teach you how to protect it all. Your financial world has become increasingly complex.

We seek to simplify and Unifi it for our clients

We seek to simplify and Unifi it for our clients

The concept is to provide direction for these life needs.

We have found that most people are overwhelmed by the increasing number of choices in every area of their financial lives, caught up in the noise of advertising. Having to work with many companies for all these services. This can unintentionally leave some risks uncovered while paying too much for other benefits.

We will create a Unified financial plan for you. The plan will cover today's needs, as well as your long term and retirement goals.

We bring your financial life together.

Stephen J Landersman, CFP®

President and Wealth Advisor CFS*


Steve has been in the financial services industry for 33 years and a Certified Financial Planner since 1993. He grew up here in Harrisburg and has been active in various civic organizations. These include the Harrisburg Jr. Chamber of Commerce where he was on the board of directors and a past Vice President of the local chapter. An avid auto enthusiast, he has also been the President of the Appalachian Sports Car Club and a past Regional Executive of the Sports Car Club of America. He continues to be active in the hobby and is a member of many local clubs and organizations, including the AACA Museum. Over the last 35 years he’s developed a small collection of classic cars.

Starting his career with MetLife taught him much about needs oriented advice. Lucky enough to have a mentor that believed in a client first approach it set his course for his career. While at MetLife and MetLife Securities he was in the first financial planning program Met offered. During his time at MetLife, he became CFP in 1993. The principles, education and financial planning process orientation has guided him since.

After a year at Invest Financial at a now long-gone local savings and loan he spent the next 10 years as the owner of his own financial planning firm here in the Central Pennsylvania area. Focusing on employee benefits and retirement plans until the market changed after the dot com bust and the recession that followed. In 2005 He found a home working with local credit union members, offering financial planning and investment management services. Eventually developing a deep expertise working with employees and retirees of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His understanding of their unique retirement planning needs has helped hundreds through the retirement process with the knowledge they made the correct choices for their situation.

Steve led his financial services program over the last decade in many aspects. He mentored and helped develop the careers of several his assistants, helping them start careers as financial planners themselves. He was a leader in using the approach of a needs and goals based financial planning process for his clients. Showing the way for the rest of his colleagues. The majority who followed his approach of using a fiduciary relationship with clients. Steve was a recipient of 11 Pacesetter awards for leading his program.

After a management change at the institution he had been affiliated with, Steve chose to become an independent advisor. Now free to develop his own vision of what financial planning should do for his clients. He is looking forward to guiding them on some new and exciting areas of financial planning that he believes will become the standard in the future. His goal is simple, to make his client’s lives better.

Steve looks out for his client’s interests by keeping up with the changes in the financial services industry. By continually updating his practice to take advantage of changes that become available in financial technology and investment management, he works to make sure each client is appropriately positioned for their goals and needs. By utilizing a strict financial planning approach to working with his clients and using cutting edge software, he strives to take the complex topics of his client’s financial life and explain how it all fits together in understandable terms. “My clients need to know and understand how their investments, insurance, and income interact with their lives. I think the context of their situation is what is missing in many cases. How it all fits together in the big picture, and what their place in that framework, is what really matters to them.”

Steve is a Wealth Advisor for CUSO Financial Services at Unifi Advisors and is here to help guide his clients on their path through life, and is utilizing this experience to form a different type of financial planning firm.

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Client Centered

Client Centered

Whether you are investing to build wealth, protect your family, or preserve your assets, our personalized service focuses your needs, wants, and long-term goals.

Our team of professionals have years of experience in financial services. We can help you address your needs of today and for many years to come. We look forward to working with you.