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The need for insurance is often overlooked and misunderstood. The desire for the cheapest coverage can lead to unintended consequences and bad outcomes.

We can help you understand your needs and help to figure out what the correct coverages are for your goals and situation, with clear and easy to understand explanations of what, why and how to close any gaps that could leave you or your family in a bad financial situation.

Often an in analysis of your needs, we find premium dollars are spent on insurance that is no longer needed. Contact us for an evaluation today.

We offer the following insurance products from a variety of highly rated companies that we search for your best option to completely cover your needs at premiums you can live with.

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Life insurance

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Long Term Care Insurance

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Medicare Supplements

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Dental and Vision coverage

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Disability insurance

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Major Medical

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Our financial planning client will also get the benefit of our advice on the correct coverages for your property as well. We can review Home, Auto, and Liability to find gaps and make recommendations. Often the cheapest “As seen on TV” coverage will save you in the short run but cost dearly in situations that are often at the worst possible time.

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